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In Switzerland, the availability of day nursery places is very limited, especially in cities. You can find the places available at It is also worth asking in the municipality where you live.

Schools and education

In Switzerland, the education system is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

  • Only primary and first secondary education (9 years) is compulsory.
  • The second secondary level comprises the Matura schools, vocational schools and technical colleges. This education normally lasts 3-4 years and ends with a school-leaving certificate, a certificate of competence or a diploma.
  • The tertiary level comprises universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences, higher technical colleges, technical schools, vocational examinations and higher subject examinations.

Switzerland has a tertiary level:

  • 10 cantonal universities
  • 2 Federal Institutes of Technology
  • 7 universities of applied sciences

More information on education in Switzerland: Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Private Schools / International Schools

Private schools have a long tradition in Switzerland. They are mainly attended by foreign children and young people and are well known far beyond Switzerland’s borders.

Private Schools Switzerland