We accompany the topics holistically and know the effects in the individual areas. This is our philosophy.

Our services for private customers


  • Home
  • Liability
  • Property
  • Car
  • Health
  • Life
  • Travel
  • Legal

There are over 200 insurance companies in Switzerland. With over 15 years of experience on the advisory market we merely work with those who offer you the best service & value for money. When we analyse your insurance policies, we pay particular attention to dangerous under- and expensive overinsurance.


  • Tax consultancy
  • Tax returns
  • Tax optimizations

In Switzerland, the federal government, the 26 cantons and the 2,350 communes, levy taxes. This results in a large number of federal, cantonal and communal laws and ordinances, which make the tax system appear much more confusing than it actually is. This lack of clarity also means that too little attention is paid to the tax aspect when investing money and planning for one’s own retirement. This is however precisely where the greatest opportunities for tax optimisation lie. We will gladly assist you by ways of our years of experience and extensive network of specialists.


  • Disability to work due to an accident or illness
  • Event of death
  • Retirement

More and more people are thinking about what would happen if they are no longer able to work or what were to happen in the event of death. This is reasonable because anyone can fall seriously ill or have an accident.
We analyse your Provisions thoroughly and illustrate your personal situation through understandable and comprehensible consultations. Furthermore, we will show you how to close possible gaps ensuring you and your loved ones have the right amount of coverage.


  • Investment analysis
  • Advice
  • Realization

No two customers are alike. That’s why we advise you individually on investment issues and work with you to find the right balance between return and risk. Independent of the investment amount. We offer you solutions that correspond to your personal wishes and ideas.

Cooperation: Financial Partners FP Ltd:

Financial Partners FP Ltd. is licensed as an asset management company and has focused on the activity of strategic asset consulting requiring a licence. If such services are provided in Liechtenstein, in Switzerland or in the entire EU country, they are subject to the respective national special legal authorisation and licensing requirements (e.g. BAFIN in Germany, FSA in Great Britain, CONSOB in Italy, etc.). The Financial Partners are licensed and independent professionals at all EU locations. The clients are subject to the extended investor protection MIFID II. Advice can be provided in German, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Retirement planning

A positive and relaxed outlook to the future

Mutual trust is the core of every successful cooperation. Our financial / pension planning is as unique as you are, adapted to your needs and experience.

Conflict-free advice

As we advise on a fee basis, neutral advice is guaranteed. Our approach is clearly structured and is always geared to the individual situation of your personal goals and wishes.

The first contact

The complimentary and non-binding initial consultation serves to understand your personal situation, your goals and to gather all necessary documents and data. Provided you are agreeable, will you thereafter receive our individual quote.

The consultation phase

Throughout the consulting phase will we answer any and all questions you may have and will clear possible uncertainties through clearly structured and comprehensible recommendations.

To ensure you always have an overview of your financial situation, we will provide you with a written retirement plan.
It is our goal that at the end of the consulting phase you know which steps you have to take, and at which point in time, in order to achieve your financial goals. We will however gladly be there to take you through each step of the way.

The consulting fields

liquidity planning
The implementation phase

The implementation phase is deliberately detached from the consultation by us. This guarantees you an implementation free of conflicts of interest.
If, however, you would like to be supported by us, then we are happy to offer you consulting support. On request, we will accompany you to your bank or insurance appointment.

The individual support

A long-term partnership is close to our hearts[AH2] . It is therefore vital and our key goal to win and expand your trust through our discretion and professionalism.
Financialplanner.ch therefore recommends that we review your financial strategy at least once a year or in the event of a change in your life situation.

Your Financialplanner.ch Team


  • last will and testament
  • contract of inheritance
  • Advance Directive
  • Patient decree
  • emergency documentation

Carefully structuring the disposal of your estate will ensure that your wishes are carried out. If you take the necessary precautions today, you can relax tomorrow knowing that you’ve provided for your loved ones.

We’ll explain the laws to you, analyze current contracts and explain your disposition options: a will, marriage contract, inheritance contract or lifetime gifts.

Liquidity- and asset planning

  • Budget planning
  • Calculation of savings quota
  • Capital consumption

A solid liquidity and asset strategy is the basis of every financial planning. Together with our clients, we draw up a budget plan, calculate your savings ratio and will thereafter tailor our advice to your needs.

Our services for corporate clients

Company foundation

  • Advice on setting up a company
  • Company foundation (individualenterprise, GmbH, AG)
  • corporate restructuring

It is vital to consider all aspects of the different company foundations and which legal form is right for your company before starting.

Sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company or joint-stock company? We advise you and support you from the idea to the implementation.

Company succession

  • company sale
  • Business valuation
  • Private estate planning
  • Wealth planning
  • Taxes

Do you plan to sell your company in the next five to ten years? Is it important to you that it will continue to exist successfully after your exit? And do you know how your finances are secured even after retirement?

The planning of a company succession is demanding. Nevertheless, many owners deal with it too late. If you make the right decisions early on and take the necessary measures, you will increase your room for maneuver and will be able to save a lot of money.

Our succession planning will show you your possibilities with the resulting advantages and disadvantages. Together, we create the best possible procedure and give you the necessary decision-making guidance. We also support you in optimizing your tax burden when you hand over your company and in ensuring that you are financially secure even after retirement.


  • property insurances
  • liability insurances
  • property insurances

Those who are aware of potential threats to their company can protect themselves better. We analyze possible risks and advise you on proper insurances for your company – without any conflict of interest.

We pay attention to solutions with an optimal price-performance ratio and only work together with renowned Swiss insurance companies.

Personal insurance

  • Accident insurance LAI mandatory / supplementary
  • Income Replacement Insurance

An optimal insurance against accident or illness not only offers respectable employment conditions, but also covers you and your employees against financial losses. Together, we will find a fitting and cost-effective solution that not only complies with the law, but in certain cases also with an existing collective employment agreement (CLA).

Occupational pension

  • Pension Fund (mandatory and supplementary Pension)

For many, the Pension plan is an argument for or against joining a company and is considered a deal maker or breaker.

Offer your employees and yourself a solution that contributes to a carefree retirement and also has a tax-optimizing effect on your company. We will tell you where your retirement capital can be safely and profitably managed and where you can benefit from individual pension solutions.

Accounting and taxes

  • accounting department
  • Annual financial statement
  • Tax consultancy
  • Tax optimization

Free yourself from your tax and administrative burden and concentrate on what you do best. We are happy to support and accompany you in tax matters.

Liquidity management

  • Account and payment transactions
  • Capital investments
  • Real estate

Through optimized liquidity management, you can divide your assets into short-term working capital and medium- and long-term investment capital. You ensure that you always have the necessary operating liquidity and also that your capital is invested more profitably in the medium and long term.


All initial discussions with our customers are free of charge and non-binding. Together with you, we create an overview of your personal situation, your needs and your concerns. The services are charged on an hourly basis. We define the further procedure according to your wishes and determine the fee rate based on the desired service. This means that you will only receive a fee invoice from us if this has been agreed in advance.